ArcheAge Archery skill set full guide

as you all know archeage have a lot of skills set,every skill set has its own feature.players need to know how each skills set works,if he dont know how to do it,it is be very hard in the i wll tell you the archeage online Archery skill guide today.

for Archery you need have high attacks,remember the distances to the monster,if you are far 8 meters of the target,you will have less damage.Any skill set that grants a lot of CC or additional ranged physical attacks will work with Archery.

if you already learn good skills of Archery,you will have very high dps,you can farm more and more archeage online gold from the farming
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mmoseeker blog love play aion online,we need compare the the aion Spritmaster and the aion Sorcerers today.thank you

the Spritmaster uses magic skills to change the elements of nature.Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. but the way to control is really is not the same to before.the Spiritmaster controls the spirits,they don’t use the spells
The Spiritmaster is the best class in the aion.they don't attack damage to enemies. but they call their summon to kill this is aion Spiritmasters.their summons is very powerful.and they need learn many buffs and heals.they only use summon to combat.
Where to learn crafting skills

how many crafting skills can you have at the same time.i want to tell you that you can learn 6 different skills.but what ever how many skills you learned ,you can only have one master skills.

there are 6 crafting skills in aion , armor, weapon, tailor, handi, cook, alchemy

You can only be MASTER of one craft at a time.

You can level up as many as you want to expert.
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